Our Power Washing sidewalk and concrete cleaning service was designed for commercial and residential properties that want to keep their sidewalks free from gum and stains associated with high foot traffic. It’s an excellent way to make sure visitors get a good first impression. We specialize in the cleaning of sidewalks, parkways, garage parking structures, tile roofs, building walls, slate patios, brick, concrete, etc… This high pressure hot water process, can remove all surface stains such as oils stains, gum, algae or mildew, tire tracks, etc… Applying 240°F hot water at 4500 PSI pressure will remove of all surface dirt to any area you specify. Regular cleaning will enhance the appearance of your home or business. We offer many cleaning schedules to suite your needs. We work Day or Night, in order to not interfere with daily business or your customers. Many plaza owners and managers maintain the attractiveness of their properties through regularly scheduled cleaning of sidewalks, storefronts, canopies, and facades. Accumulated dirt, gum, soda, and cigarette stains are removed using very hot water, prudent amounts of pressure, and detergents only as necessary. Bus stops, leaking trash barrels, sitting areas, and high pedestrian traffic areas are common targets for our services.